Welcome to the London Lupus Centre

The London Lupus Centre is designed to provide a comprehensive, “state of the art” diagnostic facility for patients with lupus and lupus related conditions. We also offer a full rheumatic diseases clinical service.

As one of the largest private hospitals in the UK specialising in Lupus treatment, The London Bridge Hospital offers the finest surroundings and services for inpatient, outpatient and day case lupus treatment. Over 40 specialties are represented on site, including renal dialysis, cardiothoracic and intensive care.

How do I get treatment?

For further information and appointments please contact us on:

+44 (0) 20 7234 2155

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What is Lupus?

what is liver disease?

Lupus is a major disease of the immune system, in which a wide variety of antibodies are produced. It affects females more than males (9:1) and at a relatively young age (15-50).

What is Hughes Syndrome?

what is liver disease?

Hughes’ Syndrome is an increased tendency to blood clotting. Such clots can occur at any time, and can affect veins or arteries anywhere in the body.

Lupus Treatment

what is liver disease?

There are two logical approaches to lupus treatment - either to suppress the antibodies which cause the trouble, or go for the end result and treat clotting tendency itself.